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For those of you who may be new to HotKarz, most stories and updates appear on the HotKarz blog. This home page would provide access to events, shows, cruises and a few other topics of interest.

Regular visitors may notice the site has been trimmed considerably, but all the essential info is still available.

The links above are the major features, and links to all areas can be found to the left. Click and enjoy! It's all free.

The list of shows & cruises for 2016 is in the works, as many organizers are still putting things together. If you know of any show or cruise that gets missed, please let me know.

We do need your help. If you know of any show, cruise or event schedules and info not yet posted, or if you have a news item that would be of interest to the folks, please pass it on by emailing me, Bill Vaughn, directly at And since I can no longer make it to many of the shows, anyone who wants to submit pix for all to enjoy may also send them along. Please try to have them sized at 480X640 if possible - if not, I can size them. And send only a few per email - AOL has size limitations.

Please enjoy your visit!


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